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What is an Integrated Health Coach?

An Integrated Health Practitioner looks at you from a point of balance. This means they look to see where in your body and lifestyle you may be out of balance and where there may be toxicities.  Diving a bit deeper this means they listen to your story, your symptoms,...

What is Frozen Shoulder

People suffer from Frozen shoulder frequently have difficulty with grooming, performing overhead activities, dressing, and particularly hands behind the back movements. Pain during the night disrupts sleep.

Modern Day Neck Pain

In the modern day we often find ourselves adopting the text neck posture. The head in a forward position staring at our phones. This position is not our natural position, the forward tilt places a huge amount of extra pressure on the spine, the muscles around the neck and shoulders.

Kids Sports Snacks Common Mistakes

All too often on the sports field I see Kids Sports Snacks provided to children with the best of intentions. However, more often than not the fuels that these kids are running on are at best, unhelpful and at worst, inappropriate. The two main common mistakes are in the use of sports drinks and discretionary foods items being treated as snacks.

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