Xtend Barre

What is Xtend Barre?

If you’re the type of person who loves to move, have a desire to feel mentally and physical strong, and love a good challenge, then Xtend Barre is for you. Xtend barre is a 55minute fast-paced fusion of Pilates and ballet, and its slogan “If Pilates sculpts the body, Xtend Chisels it.” This class truly is for every body, and does not require you to be a prima ballerina to attend.

How does it work?

Xtend Barre consists of a series of rhythmic exercises that are energetic and easy to follow, that aim to strengthen and tone the body.

Starting with an aerobic warm-up, aimed to raise the heart-rate and promote increased blood flow. One can expect to move fluently into an upper body series using light hand weights to strengthen and tone the muscles of the arms, chest, upper back and spine. The fun is taken to a new level when you hit the barre, where you can expect to use props (such as stretch bands and balls) that aim to challenge every muscle in the lower body including major muscles of the hips, legs and feet. Options are included for pre-natal clients and those with injuries. A gentle, yet invigorating stretch concludes the class where you can be assured to feel physically strong and mentally prepared for your day.

What are the benefits?

  • Overall toning of the muscles
  • A strong and conditioned physical bodyRe-alignment of the skeleton
  • Balancing of the muscles of the body
  • Reduced pain in the body
  • Gaining lean muscle mass, creating the “dancer’s body”
  • To be challenged physically and mentally every class
  •  A healthy body and mind

Why Xtend?

It’s fun, its fast, and it works! Combining strength training with strong cardio sections and deep core conditioning, Xtend barre covers all aspects in just 55minutes, setting you up with integrity and energy to begin your day and with a restful sleep at night.

One of my clients dropped an impressive two-dress sizes, in just two months for her wedding day by combining healthy eating with Xtend barre class three times a week, and was amazed with her results. You can too, come and see it for yourself!

Words from Xtend Barre creator – Andrea Rogers

Xtend Barre was developed by professional dancer and Pilates instructor Andrea Rogers (USA), whose desire for a well-rounded dance and Pilates-based barre workout inspired her to develop her own new program.

“We offer a workout that equally combines strength, cardio and flexibility,” she says. “Xtend Barre provides an opportunity for non-dancers to feel strong, elegant and to move with fluidity and power. Our goal is to help each person find their best dancer body, and with consistent practice the results are impressive. Think lifted buttocks, taut tummy, leaner legs, toned arms and improved posture.”

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