An Integrated Health Practitioner looks at you from a point of balance. This means they look to see where in your body and lifestyle you may be out of balance and where there may be toxicities.  Diving a bit deeper this means they listen to your story, your symptoms, your stresses and your goals and then order at home functional medicine lab tests so we can find the exact levels of your vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, neurotransmitters, hormones and other important biomarkers.

Once these results come back the Integrated Health Practitioner designs a very personalised program based on your results using the DESTRESS TM  protocol. The DESTRESS protocol stands for
D = Diet
E = Exercise
S = Stress
T = Toxins
R = Rest and relaxation
E = Emotional balance
S = Supplements
S = success mindset
Each of these areas is addressed based on your symptoms, lab results and your desired goals. A program is then developed to help you get to your desired outcome. It must be noted that you do not have to do the at home functional medicine testing but it takes a lot of the detective work out when you have black and white results to refer to.
Once you begin your program which may include detoxing, diet plans, various protocols, for example parasite elimination, heavy metal detox, candida bacteria overgrowth protocols, stress reduction exercises and more, your integrated health practitioner will review your progress about 4-6 weeks in. This is so you have experience behind you and then the necessary tweaks can be made depending on your progress. Most people will experience amazing change and feel the benefits about 3-4 months into the program because the body needs that amount of time to replace any deficiencies that may be there as well as eliminate any determined toxicities.
The Integrated health Practitioner can be a very valuable part of your health team and be very instrumental as a guide for great health and vitality.
If you are interested in finding out more about Integrated health coaches or would like to start your own journey you can find out more here and fill out our initial health coaching questionnaire to get started on your own journey towards health.
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