Health Coaching

Health, vitality, energy and wellness should be something everyone experiences. However, as many of you would know this is not always the case. Trying to demystify what works and what doesn’t to achieve that health and vitality can be very confusing and sometimes even overwhelming. A Health Coach guides you through the confusion and designs a personalised program that may include a nutritional plan, an exercise program, supplements, protocols and other behavioural and lifestyle modifications so you once again can experience a life of health and vitality.

Lose Weight

There is a myriad of diets available and all claim to be your ticket to weight loss and body transformation. The reality is we are all bio individuals which means what works for one person may not necessarily for you. Our services aim to determine your specific nutritional requirements and tailor a program for you.

Manage Stress

All of us experience stress. Stress comes in all different forms including physical stress, emotional stress and toxic stress. We all respond differently and how we respond affects our nervous system, metabolism, hormonal balance and mood.

Exercise Effectively

Exercise plays an important part in controlling blood sugar, regulating your hormones and improving or maintaining your metabolism. We design a personalised progressive program that is instructed under the watchful eyes of our physiotherapist and chiropractor. Our exercise programs emphasise proper form, stability and get you results.

Understanding what your body needs, how stress, diet and lifestyle can be impacting your life can be really valuable in enabling you to make a change for the better. A health coach can be very valuable in this process.

Our health coaching Program is a minimum of 3 months. This is so you can stay motivated and experience results. Making lasting changes takes effort and time and as your health coach, we will be your biggest support and guide you along the way. For more information of what you can expect in your 3 month program have a look below for a more extensive break down of each month.

It starts with a health intake form that asks questions to uncover what some of your physical, emotional and health stresses may be. Once your health intake form is completed, a time will be arranged for your initial appointment with your health coach.


Appointment 1

  • 50-60 Minute Private Consultation (can also be done by Skype/phone). 
  • Health history intake analysis. 
  • Education on how you got here and how to heal. 
  • Functional Medicine Lab recommendations. 
  • Initial recommendations to begin with. 
  • Email & phone support on setting up your consultation & labs. 
  • Concierge VIP scheduling for preferred times. 
  • Unlimited email support by our certified Holistic Health Coach. 

Review of your Functional Medicine labs by your Health Coach. Design of your Bioindividualised Wellness Plan by your Health Coach 

Appointment 2:  

  • 50-60 Minute Private Consultation (in-office or by Skype/phone) with your health coach. 
  • Review & explanation of your Functional Medicine Lab results (root cause imbalances). 
  • Review of your Bioindividualised Wellness Plan (BWP). 
  • Unlimited email support by our certified Holistic Health Coach. 
  • Once a week email progress report check-in & questions with Health Coach.

Your Bioindividual Wellness Plan (Included with Month 2): 

  • A selection of the best foods for  you. 
  • Sample meal plan template. 
  • Grocery food shopping guide. 
  • Personalised detoxification protocols. 
  • Recommended sleep protocols. 
  • Stress reduction techniques. 
  • Exercise recommendations. 
  • Individualised nutritional supplement protocol. 
  • Time-lines and progress reports. 
  • Personalised nutritional supplement recommendations. 


Appointment 3:

  • 25-30 minute check in to evaluate and tweak your bioindividualised wellness program based on results. 
  • Introduction of additional protocols.  
  • Weekly email support by your certified Health Coach. 
  • Updates to your bioindividualised wellness program as needed. 
  • Resources to the best products for your needs. 


Appointment 4: 

  • 25-30 minute final consultation for program review and options if required for on going coaching. 
  • Review of maintenance plan. 
Shelley Van Barneveld

Shelley Van Barneveld

I help women over the age of 40 balance their bodies and feel energetic again

Shelley Van Barneveld developed a passion for health & wellbeing after experiencing what it is like to feel exhausted, overweight and overwhelmed with life. She tried different ‘popular’ diets, exercise protocols and what she thought were ‘miracle’ supplements, but still saw no hope of increased energy and weight loss.

It was not until she started doing intense course work in hormonal health, blood sugar balancing and explored the whole concept of bio individualised nutrition and health care plans that she knew she would become well again. It was at this point when she wanted to share this information with others so they too could experience health, wellness and a real zest for life.


  • Health Coach
  • Certified Integrative health practitioner
  • Physiotherapist
  • Shelley has also done specialised courses in hormonal balancing
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