Massage therapy is the physical manipulation of soft muscle tissue to reduce anxiety, facilitate healing and relaxation, and much more. In today’s busy lifestyle it is quite easy to build up tension and start feeling the resulting tightness and pain in our bodies.  Our massage therapists will assess your body and determine where the source of your pain or discomfort is coming from and treat you in a holistic manner – both the symptoms and the cause.  Your experience will be one that leaves you feeling both refreshed and renewed.

Types of Massage

Clinical Deep Tissue Massage

Enjoy the luxurious feeling you get when all of your tension is gone. In this treatment your masseuse works through each layer to get to the muscles deep down relieving the tension. Most of the work is done on the fascia (the soft tissue part of the connective tissue system) to help you bring your body back into balance. The client needs to be relaxed in order for the deep muscle work to be successful. This massage starts lightly but becomes as intense as the client will tolerate as the work goes deeper. A useful tool for either corrective or therapeutic work.

Are you looking for relief of muscular pain, muscle tears or sprains, and problems with nerve impingement? The clinical deep tissue massage is designed for you. This massage is effective for treating neck and lower back pain, whiplash, sciatica, circulatory problems, chronic pain, and the pain of those “knots” or muscle adhesions.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a gentle, connective tissue massage technique that accelerates the movement of the lymphatic fluid that bathes the tissues, through the lymphatic system and into the bloodstream. The lymphatic system is responsible for keeping the connective tissue surrounding cells free from excess water, proteins, bacteria, viruses, inorganic materials, destroyed cells resulting from surgery or trauma, red blood cells, and other dead cells.

The massage strokes the masseuse uses allow some of the small capillaries to open and close enabling the lymph from the tissues to return to the lymphatic vessels. The massage strokes are repetitive, precise, rhythmic, and will induce deep relaxation.   This type of massage stimulates your pain-inhibitory reflexes and enhances your immune function.  Additionally, it reduces pain, reduces edema, and improves the overall health of your body.

Myofascial Release Bodywork

Myofascial Release Bodywork is a gentle, hands-on form of stretching that evaluates and treats the fascial connective tissue system, which can become restricted due to overuse, inactivity, trauma, or infection, often resulting in pain and muscle tension. The function of fascia is varied, but it generally acts as a shock absorber. It creates tissue spaces and plays an important role in support, protection, separation, cellular respiration, elimination, metabolism, and fluid and lymphatic flow. It is a major area of inflammatory processes and will often change prior to chronic tissue congestion. Dysfunction in these tissues can have far-reaching effects.

The therapist works through barrier after barrier with pressure that will relieve the restriction. The gentle pressure is applied following the movement of the fascia and will relieve the restrictions throughout the entire body resulting in improved strength, flexibility, range of motion, improved posture, and ease of movement. This allows you to move freely without the pain.

Pregnancy Massage

Are you pregnant, feeling stressed, and experiencing sore muscles. Our massage therapists are specially trained to help alleviate these issues. This massage increases blood and lymph circulation, therefore helps to alleviate swelling in the legs and hands, strain on the joints, relief from muscle spasms and cramps, and the pain of varicosities. For maximum comfort you will be lying on your side supported by pillows and bolsters. This massage can be done at any time during your pregnancy and will relieve your stress and anxiety as you await the birth of your baby.

Reflexology Massage

There are reflex points in your hands and feet that correspond to major organs and various muscle groups in your body. In a reflexology massage the masseuse puts pressure on these points to help improve blood circulation and energy flow to these organs and muscle groups. Endorphins are released providing pain relief and giving you that overall feeling of well-being. Other benefits of this massage are a feeling of deep relaxation, detoxification of your body, and an improvement in the function of your organs and glands.

Clients who benefit from reflexology report feelings of deep relaxation and reduction or elimination of pain. Circulation is improved, resulting in increased oxygen and nutrient supplies to the brain and body. Detoxification is promoted, as well as a normalization of the functions of the organs, glands, and structures of the body.


Shiatsu Acupressure is an ancient Japanese bodywork system that uses hand, knuckle, palm, elbow, and foot pressure on specific points located along energy pathways called meridians, in order to promote the free flow of ki energy, the circulating life force. Oriental medicine maintains that disease occurs because of stagnation or blockage in the flow of ki energy. Shiatsu uses pressure techniques to affect the interrupted energy flow throughout the meridians and related organs, thus restoring balance to the body. The practitioner’s techniques may include finger pressing, palm pressing, holding, vibration, rubbing, shaking with hand or foot, patting, tapping, kneading, stretching, and joint rotation.

This healing system reduces muscle tension, promotes internal organ function, and prompts intestinal peristaltic contractions. It is deeply relaxing and effective for stress, locomotive, and internal disorders. It is also effective in stimulating blood circulation, and it increases mental as well as physical energy.

Sports Massage

Improve your game, boost endurance, and prevent injuries. The Sports Massage is beneficial to the athlete, the dancer, or the exercise enthusiast. This is a form of Swedish massage that uses four basic strokes: trigger point pressure, cross fibre friction, compression, and percussion. The massage concentrates on the whole body but can also pay particular attention to the areas used for a specific activity. Prevent injuries by increasing your flexibility and promote faster recovery. Keep your whole body in optimum shape so you can enjoy those physical activities.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is the classic and most familiar style of massage. This massage method has provided the foundation for many of the massage techniques used today. Through a series of manipulative movements on the muscles and connective tissue you will begin to feel relaxed, your overall health will be improved or maintained, and you will experience relief from pain. This massage uses five basic strokes: vibration, friction (cross fibre), effleurage (sliding), percussion (rhythmic tapping), and petrissage (kneading) to achieve increased blood and lymph circulation. Healthier blood and lymph circulation improves the delivery of oxygen throughout the body and enhances the removal of waste products contributing to a more relaxed and healthy you.

Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy utilizes various methods to relieve and eliminate a hypersensitive area—known as a trigger point—in the muscle, its tendon, or fascia. Usually the trigger point is not in the area of pain, but digital pressure over the point will elicit pain in a referred area. Trauma is a common cause of trigger points, either by direct injury or excessive stretching and contraction. Once these fibrous sensitive regions form, repeated muscular stress will activate the pain in a reference zone. It is often possible to have more than one trigger point associated with a particular condition.

The trigger point is eliminated by applying direct pressure and sedating the point. Once the pain is reduced, massage can be applied to restore circulation to the area and remove the waste products. This method is especially helpful in musculoskeletal problems and with certain internal organ pain.

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