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Circuit Classes

The HI Circuit class consists  of 7 minute rounds of intense  exercise working with a ball,  weights, band and mat that  target the upper body, lower  body, abdominals and back.   This 45-minute-high intensity  interval training broken up  by short periods of rest  means you will still be  burning calories for up to 48  hours after the class has  finished.


  • It targets muscle you never  thought you had. There is  strong emphasis on form and  engaging the correct muscles  during the exercise that  often require using muscles  that have been neglected
  • It trains coordination and  balance – the exercise  selection, quick changes and  interval timing emphasise  balance and coordination
  • Emphasis on flexibility –  exercises are cued for length,  control, precision and  muscle balance.  This  emphasis encourages increased  flexibility and combined with  cooling stretches at the end  of the session gives you  increased muscle length over time

Mat Pilates

In the mat Pilates class we aim to teach you how to effectively engage your core, stabilize your trunk, improve your posture  and breathe in a way that optimizes your body’s function.  We build on the repertoire from week to week and modify the exercises as required so that you get the most out of the program.  The class is a complete workout that strengthens and stretches the entire body leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

Unlimited Pack

Our unlimited pack allows you to attend any Pilates Mat, Xtend Barre or Circuit Class during the week for $49. Bookings are essential so ensure you are signed up in our booking system and have registered for your classes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Bring

You need to bring a pair of socks (non-slip are best), a towel and a bottle of water.

What do I wear?

Gym wear is best (ie. a pair of leggings or shorts and a t-shirt).  Very loose clothing can get caught up in the springs.  It is highly recommended that longer hair is tied back so it does not get caught in the equipment.

How long are the classes?

The circuit classes are 45 minutes in duration.

Do Health fund rebates apply?

For circuit classes health fund rebates are not available.

How to Find Us

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