Many of you have heard the statistics that 80% of the Australian population will experience back pain once in their life.  But did you know that the direct cost of care for low back pain costs $1 billion dollars annually and even more shocking is that this is considered minor with the indirect costs due to lost productivity and disability costing $8 billion dollars.

 So now you are thinking how does this exactly relate to the fashion industry?  Let’s look at the 5 reasons why the fashion industry has contributed to your back pain

1)      Popular Fashion Postural Trends

Before the 20th century debilitating low back pain was uncommon.  However, after WW1 a major trend took place in the fashion industry.   All of a sudden it was considered high fashion to thrust your pelvis and neck forward and hunch or round your shoulders.  It became fashionable to slouch!!  Look at some of the photos here and see for yourself what fashion posture looked like before and after 1920

2)      The Stiletto or high heel

Once you put one of these on your posture changes dramatically.  Your calf muscles are shortened considerably and in order not to fall forward you have to hyperextend your knees and arch your back not to mention the instability you have now created for your feet.  All these compensations your body has now made over time result in muscle shortening, nerve pinching and wear and tear to your joints – a recipe for low back pain

3)      The Heavy hand bag

You know it – the bigger the bag is the more stuff you find to fill it!  You carry your bag usually over a preferred shoulder and this leads to an uneven muscles and joints.  Furthermore you hike this shoulder to successfully hold the bag and this results in an unnatural counterbalance and loss of the natural movement of the arms through the walking process.  The heavy hand bag is also a common cause of sore or wry neck. 

4)      The skinny jean

The may look good but they grip tightly around the waist, thighs, hips and calves which can be a root cause of stain in the joints and excessive nerve compression in your back muscles.  Furthermore it changes the way you walk as your full range of movement for each of these joints has been limited.

5)      Jewellery

I am referring to those heavier usually statement pieces in this case.  The weight of the necklace pulls the neck forward leading to an excessive curvature in the neck which can result in pinched nerve, muscle spaces, unhealthy discs and more.

The reality is this list is not exhaustive either.  We have adapted quite a few fashion trends that really do not encourage proper posture or a healthy back.  Next time you are at the shops you may want to think of your back before you try on those skinny clothes!

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