The air in your house can be worse than a smoggy city. Toxic residue can be left behind from the use of harsh chemicals in cleaners. A forgotten moldy cupboard can cause all manner of health ailments. We have all heard these before and they are well documented but what thought have you given to your household items, the ones you wear, put in your mouth, sit on and clean with?

Below is a list of nasty’s you may know about or have never considered to be a problem:

1/ Non Stick Pans

Many Pans contain the chemical perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and it has been proven to cause cancer in laboratory animals. Worse than this the lining can become detached through heat and scraping with hard implements, leaving the lining through your food.

Better Solutions

Use cast iron or stainless steel pans. Its true they are more maintenance but they also don’t cause cancer from the materials in them.

2/ Air Fresheners

It is well known that anything you breath ends up in your bloodstream. Most plugin fragrances, candles and fake essential oils can contain chemicals called Phthalates which are known to cause issues in male reproductive organs.

Better Solutions

Use true essential oils, fresh flowers and even baking to scent your home. You can also use natural means to soak up odors like baking soda and white vinegar.

3/ Tea Bags

Chances are you never gave the humble tea bag a second thought but some are made of plastic and as we know heated plastic can leech all manner of chemicals. Don’t be fooled by paper varieties either though as they are often bleached and treated with more chemicals than their plastic cousins! Dr Mercola has an excellent article HERE.

Better Solutions

It is so easy to solve this problem, simply brew loose leaves!

4/ Gas Space Heaters

Gas powered anything, especially poorly efficient ones, release toxins from the combustion of hydrocarbons. Gases also have additives which cause further harm when combusted and in well sealed rooms carbon monoxide can be a serious issue. Even a fraction of a percent is enough to make you lose consciousness and die within an hour.

Better Solutions

Electric heaters, warm clothing or an early night sleep!

5/ Plastic Takeaway Containers

The industry these containers are made for has a primary goal of convenience. Most people order on the phone pick up their food (in the container) and bring it home. Food can sit for an hour in its plastic coffin before being eaten leaching BPA into your food. BPA has been associated with hormonal imbalances, particularly estrogen.

Better Solutions

Some restaurants are happy to put food in your own metal or glass containers however this eliminates the convenience factor as you need to be there at the start of the order. Nothing beats a well cooked home meal though!

6/ Rugs, Lounges and Manchester

These household items are probably something we touch more than anything else and they can be filled with some of the most toxic chemicals out there – fire retardants. Their effect on reproduction is well known from infertility to birth defects. If your worried about fire safety with these products, rest assured the retardant does nothing but provide toxic fumes when the item is involved in a serious fire.

Better Solutions

Know your manufacturer and find a supplier of retardant free products. If you have a lounge which you suspect has flame retardant then ensure your vacuum has a hepa filter, wipe down with a damp cloth and wash hands regularly.


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