2015 is set to be our biggest year yet and we are excited to bring you so many new offerings. Below are some of the new things we will be doing.

Starting Term 1

  • Pilates classes have been expanded to 23 per week (92 individual places)
  • Group classes have been expanded to 8 per week (102 individual places)
  • Physiotherapy hours have been increased by 10%
  • New pricing model introduced – unlimited class package
  • We will host events on a range of topics related to health
  • Introduction of the $39 per week unlimited class offer.

Starting Term 2

  • We will introduce our self service booking system
  • Ability to receive alerts for available classes
  • Complete overhaul of our pricing policy
  • Removal of term based classes
  • Introducing new class types and availability
  • Plans to increase Pilates availability
  • Starting our rewards programs
  • Introducing memberships


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